THX WOW! (1990) [THX-WOW(US)]


technical features

  • Video standard: NTSC
  • Country: USA
  • Street Price: PROMO
  • Street Date: 1992
  • Cover: Standard
  • OBI:
  • Layer Color: Transparent
  • Subtitles: No subtitle
  • CC: none
  • LD+G: none

  • Publisher:
  • Manufacturer: Pioneer USA
  • Picture type: Various
  • Ratio: 1.33:1
  • Digital Tracks: Dolby Surround
  • Analog Tracks: none
  • Spoken Language: English
  • UPC # 020350027366
  • ISBN #

  • Length: 53 min.
  • Chapters: 21
  • Sides: 2
  • AC3: no
  • THX: yes
  • CX: no
  • LDDB # 19090
  • IMDB # 0100957


Not for sale - for demonstration purposes only as the cover says. This THX "WOW" disc is considered as one of the "holy" grails of LD collectors. The "WOW!" sequence is the most important part of the disc: a large trailer containing scenes from Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Willow, and finishing with the Cimmaron THX trailer. There are actually 21 chapters, though the cover says 20. There is no sound at all on analog tracks. The longer featurettes are widescreen but some material is TV size. SIDE 1 (23:28) Contents (0:20, 600 frames), WOW! (7:38, frames 601-11963) - a montage of three "Star Wars" films, three "Indiana Jones" films and "Willow", The Home THX Audio System (9:50, frames 11964-28124), Mode Selections (5:40, frames 28125-37577) - includes Home THX examples, "Last Crusade" and "Twin Peaks", Dolby Pro Logic examples "TV sports event" and "The Cowboys" by Henry Mancini as music and a still and Stereo Mode example "Punta del Soul" by Dave Grusin as music and still picture - SIDE 2 (30:01) Contents (0:06, 200 frames), Soundtrack! (13:06, frames 201-19050) - featurette narrated by James Earl Jones, including takes from "Star Wars" and "Last Crusade" amongst other things, to 18. Sound test signals, Color Bars And Pluge (Three different test pictures), Grey Scale and FCC Composite Signal (Several different color and B&W test pictures for adjustment), (more test pictures, some are the same and some new ones to test CRT alignment). Last frame is 43241.

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